Brightening facial      $80              

This treatment is designed for dehydrated, sun-damaged and congested complexions.The goal is to restore youthful glow and even out skin tone.Your skin will be treated by deep cleansing and exfoliating away dead skin cells with a bio fruit acid folowed by extractions.Relaxing massage , then soothing mask will be applied while you are resting,finishing with the appropriate protective moisturizer.For all skin types.Treatment time 50 minutes

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Elemental facial    $100

Deep pore cleansing and restoring facial. It includes two types of exfoliation, a soft gommage hydrating peel and a fruit acid peel. Steaming and extractions are followed by a therapeutic massage that uses custom blended botanical creams. The treatment ends with appropriate masque. Recommended for first time facial visit to establish skin type and facial routine.Treatment time 65 minutes

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Alpha- Vital           $115

Aha-bha skin resurfacing facial for cell renewal. After gentle cleansing a fruit acid is applied under a soothing steam. Freshly prepared peel-off fruit mask follows the massage and warm compresses. For all skin types.Treatment time 70 minutes

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Optimizer               $120

Deep firming and lifting facial for tired stressed and mature skin.great for stimulation and regeneration of complexion. No extractions in this treatment. Treatment time 90 minutes

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 Luminescence        $95

The newest high performance therapy from YonKa provides a superb well-being experience, leaving your skin shimmering with luminosity and suppleness. This facial imparts smoothing, anti-aging and long-lasting moisturizing effects. In addition to the regular Yon-Ka facial rituals, the new Luminessence facial includes a warm stone facial massage treatment that literally makes wrinkles and expression lines fade away.No extractions in this facial .Treatment time 75 minutes

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Hydralescence         $115

Long lasting hydration facial, improves the moisture content of the skin. A soft peel eliminates dead cells and impurities. A double-hydrating fruit mask made of dried marine and fruit extracts soothes, tones, and clarifies dry skin. This unique dual mask facial delivers luxurious skin suppleness.Treatment time 70 minutes

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Purifying             $85

Non-aggressive, yet highly effective approach to clear acne. A gentle peel exfoliates hydrates and brightens dull skin. Phytotherapy care tightens and minimizes pores. An anti-inflammatory mask leaves the skin toned and refreshed. A series of treatments is recommended for serious acne. Treatment time 85 minutes

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Back Facial      $85

Radiant skin on the back and shoulders is an absolute necessity for those momentous evenings out. Our back facial involves a deep pore cleansing and steam to lift impurities, followed by gentle extraction, a relaxing massage and a specialized treatment mask.treatment time 50 minutes


Skin Revival for him      $90

Customized gentleman’s facial treatment.Treatment time 55 minutes


Chemical Peel        $75          series of 5    $275

Very efective to rejuvanate and tighten skin,treat sun damage,reduce lines and wrinkles and deal with abnormal pigmentation problems.We offer four different types of peels :Lactic, Glycolic, Jessner and Salicylic

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Advanced Microderm          &150       series of 5    &600

Our system uses medical-grade sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) crystals to perform safer, more effective all-natural treatments.Safe to use on the lips and around the eyes.Will not irritate the skin, offers no down time.Face and neck will be treated during the procedure



Body Waxing


eyebrow  $25 


lip  $12        

full leg $85

eyebrow/lip  $32

half leg $45

chin $10

full arm  $50

nose $15

half arm $35

siideburns $10 each

underarm $20

bikini $35     

chest $50

french bikini $50
brazilian bikini $65    

abdomen $15