Located just north of the six-corner intersection of Halsted, Grand, and Milwaukee, 4 Elements Salon has been combining upscale service with neighborhood warmth since it first opened its doors in 2006. The River North salon takes its name from the four elements of nature – Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. Like the ancient belief that these elements comprise all matter in the universe, the four elements also are the key to the ultimate beauty and wellness experience. Fire represents power of transformation, inspiration, and creative energy – all the characteristics of an exceptional haircut, style, or color. Water, used for cleansing, healing, and purification, is reflected in the hand and nail care performed by the salon’s licensed professionals. Air also has cleansing and refreshing powers, just as facial services bring much needed oxygen to skin. Earth rejuvenates and nurtures the body with natural substances like the essential oils, minerals, organic mud, and seaweed used in the salon’s cosmetic and body services. At 4 Elements Salon, you’ll meet the most talented, experienced stylists and technicians in the city. Regular continuing education keeps staff fully engaged and up to date on the latest high-quality cuts, colors, styles, and beauty and personal care techniques. Derived from nature wherever possible, 4 Elements Salon’s hair, skin, nail, and body products represent the best of the best, from mineral makeup and antioxidant-rich lotions to Goldwell hair color, OPI nail polish, and Kerastase shampoo, conditioner, and styling aids. Owned and operated by sister stylists Agnes and Maggie, 4 Elements Salon seamlessly merges the comforts of home with the luxury of the full-service salon experience. Make your appointment today and became part of the 4 Elements Salon family. With a commitment to tending to your comfort, care, and image, we strive to become the only beauty and wellness team you’ll ever need.


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